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How to Prepare Your Property for Rental

Being a landlord is probably the most complicated and complex profession in the world. Every landlord has to deal regularly with many problems and repairs, with unhappy tenants, with different companies and institutions and God knows what else. Being a landlord can be really stressful sometimes, and this job is not for everybody, especially if you’re a nervous kind of person. The most important and even essential part of the landlord’s job is to take a good care of the property and find good and responsible tenants, who would occupy it. This is not even close to easy, because all of it requires many different sets of skills, and not many people posses them. You’ll need to be a good handyman and a great people person, which is a very peculiar combination. I can easily tell you how to prepare your property for rental, but the communication skills are all up to you. So, here’s my part of the deal. 

How to Prepare Your Property for RentalRepairs. The first and most important preparation are the repairs. Every property has some small defects and problems, which need to be fixed some time. Especially, if the property was rented out recently. In this case you should go all through the property and write down every little problem with it, like cracks, scratches, broken items, stains, burned light bulbs and everything else you can notice. These repairs have to be carried out right away and before you show the property to potential tenants, because otherwise nobody will want to take it.

The furniture. The furniture also speaks a lot about the property itself and how is it maintained by the landlord. Many potential tenants today prefer to rent properties with newer and modern furniture, because it’s a lot cleaner and safer. This is why you should make sure that your furniture is also new, clean and well maintained. If you can’t afford to buy new furniture, you should at least make sure that it looks good. You can try painting the old furniture in order to give it a new life. Every landlord chooses his own way.

How to Prepare Your Property for RentalFloors and walls. The floors and the walls of the property also tell a lot about the landlord, who manages it. The floors and walls are a very good reflection of how we take care of the house or apartment. The walls often get damaged or discoloured, because of the things we keep close to them, and the floors are very easily damaged by dirt and sand we bring from outside. Many landlords take a good care by regular painting the walls and by using preserving products for the different kinds of flooring. If you want your property to be prepared for rental, you should also consider your options.

How to Prepare Your Property for RentalSafety issues. The safety of the property you own is the most important issue you should think about. There are just too many things, which could harm it, so you have to be always on alert. Before you find tenants for the property, you should test all the fire and security alarms, the gas appliances and the energy efficiency of the place. These are the most important things, and if you don’t take care of that right away, you can face some very unpleasant fees. You should also think about an inventory report, to have a document, which proves the condition of the property.

Maintenance. Even after you’ve prepared the property for rental and you’ve found tenants to rent it out to, remember that the regular maintenance of the premises is a very important part of being a good landlord.


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