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Why Property Inventory is Essential?

A few days ago I found this very interesting infographic in a blog about home improvement. It really stunned me how well was everything presented and how interesting and informational it was. The infographic is called “Why Property Inventory is Essential?” and it contains a few very convincing statistics, which show why having an inventory is so important. This infographic answers to some very important and significant questions, like why people choose to have an inventory done, which are the most common reasons for having an inventory and which are the biggest fears, which lead people to doing an inventory. In the end of this very well made infographic there are explained the greatest benefits from having an inventory. I find this information very useful and important. I think everyone should know the risks from not protecting their property. Every responsible landlord and home owner should have such a document, which tells him or her everything there is to know about the condition of the property. 

If you’re still not convinces, you can see it yourself:

Property Inventory Infographic



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