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Bed Bug Hiding Spots

Bed bugs are curious little creatures. They are really small and they like to hide in small cracks, where it’s dark and cosy. We practically never see them wander around the property. But this is actually understandable, because they usually come outside in the hours right before dawn. The only thing we see from their activity during the night are the consequences. And these consequences include unpleasant red and itchy marks on our bodies. You see, bed bugs are feeding on blood, which makes us their primary target. They are really dangerous to us, and there are many complications, which can emerge from the bed bug bite. This is why we should make sure that there aren’t any little bugs in our homes and beds. But in order to do that, first we must find out the bed bug hiding spots. After that we can get to the extermination. 

Bed Bug Hiding SpotsThe mattress. This is the main place they like to hide in. And it’s actually understandable, since the bed bugs come out to bite us during our sleep. But if you think you can just pull down the sheets and you will see them, you’re very wrong. As I said, bed bugs are really good at hiding. This means they won’t be just sitting on the mattress and waiting. No, they will hide as deep inside it as they can. This way you won’t notice them, and they can live happily. Sometimes it even takes months until the person realises he has bed bugs inside the mattress, because these pests need to feed only once every few days. The only way to make sure if you have bed bugs inside the mattress, is to examine the mattress very closely and check for blood stains and small black dots, which would be their faeces. This is the only certain method of bed bug detection without using special machinery.

Bed Bug Hiding SpotsSmall cracks. Inside the mattress can be their favourite spot, but it’s still not the only one. The bed bugs don’t need to be close to the sleeping person in order to feed. They can very easily hide in a small crack somewhere in the house, and just come out to feed when they need it. This is why, if you want to avoid this very unpleasant infestation, you should make sure that there aren’t any small holes and cracks in the walls and floors. You should be very thorough when you check, because these cracks can not only contain bed bugs, but they can also be used as an entry way for other dangerous pests. Just fill them in and everything should be just fine.

Bed Bug Hiding SpotsInside sofas and chairs. Bed bugs may seem small to you, but they are definitely not stupid. They know pretty well that people may usually sleep in their beds, but they also like sitting on their sofas in front of the TV. So, they also hide inside this furniture and wait for someone to sit, so they can jump on their clothes and spread all over the property. If you have guests over, their home can be also infested this way. It’s a very smart bed bug hiding spot, because most people don’t usually anticipate this. But when you know that this could happen, you should make sure that your sofas and chairs are bed bug free.

The curtains. Yes, bed bugs also really like curtains. Especially those old ones, which are very thick and perfect for hiding. I would recommend you to just take those off, if you have them in your home. They are already out of style and they stop the air and the sunlight from coming inside.


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