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5 Of the Dirtiest Items in the Bathroom

Many people love spending lots of time every day in the bathroom. I personally know I do. We love this place, because there we can take a bath, wash ourselves and prepare for the outside world without being bothered by anyone. It’s even a shrine of solitude for some people. The bathroom is definitely one of the most important rooms in the house and absolutely everyone should have one. But this doesn’t mean this room doesn’t hide any dangers for us. Such dangers are the germs, of course. We don’t see them, but they are definitely there, waiting to harm us in some awful way. This is why we should take a good care and clean this precious room regularly, to avoid any future health problems. But in order to do this properly, first we need to know which are the dirtiest items in the bathroom. After that we just need to make sure they are secured. 


dirty toothbrushThe toothbrush is supposed to make our mouth and teeth clean and fresh. This is actually truthful. In combination with the toothpaste, our teeth definitely get a lot cleaner and healthier. But it’s a fact, that most people have no idea how to keep their toothbrushes clean. They don’t wash them or disinfect them in any way, and after only a few weeks these devices turn into a nest for germs and dangerous bacteria, which cause periodontitis and many other even scarier diseases. This is why we should disinfect our toothbrushes every week and keep them away from the toilet, because every time someone flushes it, small splashes of water jump very high and land on everything situated closely to the toilet. Quite icky, but true.


dirty towelsThe towels we use in the bathroom are a kind of necessity. After all, when we get out of the shower, we need to wipe ourselves with something. But have you ever given a thought to how many germs one towel can contain? The answer is millions. Studies prove, that most people use one towel for at least a week before they throw it to the washing machine. Which is very wrong, because each time we wipe with a towel, we leave skin cells and bacteria in them. Specialists say, that it’s best to change the towels every two days and wash them in a very high temperature. Or you can use antimicrobial towels, if you wish.

Laundry bags

dirty laundry bagsI think this statement doesn’t need any explanations. We use the laundry bags to transport and keep our dirty laundry all the time. And some people even use the same laundry bag to get the clean clothes too! This is very gross, but it’s true. And I wonder. Do these people realise, that they get their clothes all dirty again just by putting them in the same bag? Well, I guess they don’t. But people, please stop doing that! You have no idea how may infections and rashes can be caused just by doing this! It’s horrible and unsanitary, and it has to stop right now! Think about your health at least a little, would ya?

Bath math

Bath mathsI guess this is an another obvious one, but it still needs to be said. The bath math is a helpful invention, which helps us take a shower or a bath without worrying that we’ll fall and break our necks or something else on the tiles. But this doesn’t mean the bath math is entirely safe. It holds lots of germs and it’s probably one of the dirtiest items in the bathroom. This is because of the water and the condensation, and the fact we usually forget to clean it. The fact there’s a duct in your bathroom doesn’t help either, because this place is very, very dirty. The best way to keep your feet and skin safe from the bacteria is to wash the bath math every time and put it outside to dry out in the sun. And for the sewer you can always call a professional cleaning company and order a duct cleaning in Sydney.


MakeupI guess I don’t need to tell you how the makeup you keep in the bathroom gets very dangerous for the skin after only a month or so. This is simply because of the dead cells and the oil from our skin, which we leave on the tampons and brushes every time we use them. And the humidity of the air also helps a lot. The only thing we can do here is to keep the makeup in a dry place and wash all the tampons and brushes with soap and hot water. Or we can just buy new ones every month.


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