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Porcelain Tile Maintenance and Tips

Cleaning porcelain tiles can be quite tricky, because they are not like any other kind of tiles. Most porcelain tiles are glazed, which would mean that you can’t use any oil based cleaners, because then it will be worse than an ice skating tournament. In order to clean your porcelain tiles perfectly without damaging the gentle surface, you will need to be very careful and follow some important rules. Don’t worry, it’s not so difficult. All you need are these porcelain tile maintenance tips and tricks. Here’s what you’ll have to do:

You will need:



Sponge mop

Specialised tile cleaner or

quarter a cup of vinegar with some hot water or

An all purpose household cleaner

nice bathroom tilesSteps to clean the tiles.

1. Start with a little vacuuming for the floor, in order to remove all the loose dirt and debris, lying there.

2. When you’re cleaning porcelain tiles, the best option is to work section by section, to make sure that the cleaning solution is being applied and removed from the surface in a timely manner.

3. I personally like the vinegar solution most, so I would recommend to use it. Apply the solution you have chosen to the tile surface and allow it to set on it for a few minutes before going to the next step.

4. After the cleaning solution has set on the floor surface, you’ll have to get the sponge mop and start scrubbing. Don’t stop until all the dirt and stains are cleaned away from the surface. You may have to repeat the process a couple of times for some sections, but the final result will be worth it.

5. Once you’re done scrubbing, you should rinse the entire area, using only clear water. If you want and have such equipment, you can also use a wet vacuum, because it works very well when it comes to removing all of the cleaning solution.

6. Allow the floor to dry by itself. It’s not recommended to walk over the tiles while they are drying, because you can easily leave marks on this type of tiles. And if you do, you’ll have to start the entire unpleasant and tiring process by yourself.

cleaning polished porcelain tilesSome additional tips.

  • If you want to clean and maintain your porcelain tiles on a regular basis, some vacuuming and sweeping is a sufficient solution. According to qualified tile cleaners, mopping the floor with plain water will help you remove minor dust and dirt from the surface, but won’t kill all the dangerous germs.

  • Never let the cleaning solution to dry on the surface of the porcelain tiles. They are quite porous, which means that they will absorb the solution, causing unpleasant staining and streaking on the tiles. And nobody wants that.

  • If the floor is specially polished, you can use half the amount of solution you would usually use.

  • the difference tile cleaning can makeAll purpose domestic cleaners are perfect for cleaning porcelain tiles, because they are simple, not too strong and non-corrosive. If you want, you can also use all kinds of soapless detergents, they will also have a good effect on the tiles.

  • In order to be certain that the cleaning solution you use is suitable for your porcelain tiles, you should test it on a small section of the floor, before you decide to apply it to the rest of the area. This will help you make sure that there will be no adverse effects from using this cleaning product.


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