About me


My name is Jane Wilson, and I live in Melbourne, Australia. I travelled a lot before I chose Melbourne to be my home. I was born in London, UK and I lived there until I finished my education in Journalism. Right now I work as a freelance blogger for various small companies here in Melbourne.

I am interested in many things, I get engaged in all kinds of activities every single day. I really enjoy travelling and spending time with my family (I have a very nice and understanding hubby and a young daughter who just started speaking). I also enjoy creating various things with my hands, so I often create interesting items from old junk I find around the house. I am also quite the homemaker, because I like for everything to be clean and well organised, and I make sure that everyone around the house follows my lead, including the dog. We are also a lot into green living, we have a garden where we grow a few seasonal vegetables, and I often look for green cleaning solutions for the house, and especially my daughter’s items.

I often write about the things I do, so I decided to create this blog in order to share my experiences with people and find out there opinions on things.

I really hope you enjoy reading it and share your own thoughts in the comments!


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