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Energy Saving Tips for the Office

Spacious officeMany people in the world work in offices. The office is the place where we spend a lot of time during the day. This is the place where we work and we get paid for it. The people who own these offices and the companies who run them, are usually very wealthy people. These people don’t need to worry too much about small things like the bills for the electricity. But still, if you’re an office manager, and you care about the environment and about our planet, you should think about how you can reduce the energy usage in your office. For those who care about these things, we’ve gathered a few energy saving tips for the office, which can help you reduce the bills and help the planet.

The light switches. Every office has a lot of light switches. After all, there are a lot of rooms and lights in the entire building and usually many light switches are located in the same place. This makes it very easy to turn on the wrong light. This uses a lot of energy which is just unnecessary and pointless. But putting a little label next to each light switch can help us know which switch turns which light, and this will save a lot of energy and money. It’s simple and effective.

Conference roomInstall sensors. In every office people often forget to turn off the lights when they get out of a particular room. They usually think that if they don’t pay the bills for the electricity, they can do whatever they want. This thinking is absolutely wrong. But you can’t force people to turn off the lights every time they walk down the corridor. This is why the best way to save energy in this case is to install sensors. They detect movement and turn the lights on. If nobody’s moving near the sensors, the lights will automatically turn off. This will save you a lot of money and trouble, and it’s also very effective.

Natural light. Why use electricity and close ourselves in the dark office, when there’s the beautiful sun shining just outside? The best energy saving tip for your office is to just open the blinds and let the sunshine in. The natural light is a lot healthier and it doesn’t cost anything! Licensed housekeepers remind you to remember to turn off the lights when you open the blinds, because the mixed light is harmful for the eyes, and you won’t save any money this way.

Office plansThe computers. In many offices they make the mistake to leave the computers running even at night. This costs a lot of money and it’s really senseless, because nobody’s using them at night. They just use a lot of electricity and your bills will keep growing.

The air conditioning. Every office nowadays has a central air conditioning. The problem is that usually it’s set on an impossible to reach temperature. It’s better to wear an additional sweater, but to set the air conditioner on a temperature it can reach. The best temperature every conditioner can maintain is between 19 and 24 degrees. Above that you’re just loosing money on electricity without any result.

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5 Flowers You Need to Have in Your Garden

The flowers are very gentle plants, which need lots of love and attention in order to grow well and without any complications. Many books were written about flowers, many philosophers and various thinkers have said thousands of words about these beautiful plants. Many people even compare the woman’s beauty to the one flowers have. Lots can be said about these beautiful plants. Many people nowadays like to grow their own flowers in their gardens, which brings lots of colour and life to the landscape. But sometimes newbie gardeners have lots of trouble picking the best flowers for their gardens. After all, there are so many kinds, some of which grow easily, but other need lots of attention. To help those newbie gardeners, I’ve gathered a list of five flowers, which are quite popular and you need to have them in your garden. Continue reading “5 Flowers You Need to Have in Your Garden”

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4 Natural Ingredients for Perfect Window Cleaning

Cleaning windows is something I used to forget I was supposed to do quite often. But lately I learned the hard lesson, that dried mud and dust is almost impossible to remove from the glass, and from then I started paying more attention to these parts of my home. Also, while I was trying to scrub out all the dirt from the window surface, I realised that the regular cleaning solutions I buy from the store are not so efficient as they say. To compare, I cleaned one window with only white vinegar, and the results were much better than the ones I got using a regular glass cleaner. From this point, I decided to only use natural ingredients, in order to achieve perfect window cleaning results. Here are the ingredients I use. Continue reading “4 Natural Ingredients for Perfect Window Cleaning”

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Porcelain Tile Maintenance and Tips

Cleaning porcelain tiles can be quite tricky, because they are not like any other kind of tiles. Most porcelain tiles are glazed, which would mean that you can’t use any oil based cleaners, because then it will be worse than an ice skating tournament. In order to clean your porcelain tiles perfectly without damaging the gentle surface, you will need to be very careful and follow some important rules. Don’t worry, it’s not so difficult. All you need are these porcelain tile maintenance tips and tricks. Here’s what you’ll have to do: Continue reading “Porcelain Tile Maintenance and Tips”

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5 Of the Dirtiest Items in the Bathroom

Many people love spending lots of time every day in the bathroom. I personally know I do. We love this place, because there we can take a bath, wash ourselves and prepare for the outside world without being bothered by anyone. It’s even a shrine of solitude for some people. The bathroom is definitely one of the most important rooms in the house and absolutely everyone should have one. But this doesn’t mean this room doesn’t hide any dangers for us. Such dangers are the germs, of course. We don’t see them, but they are definitely there, waiting to harm us in some awful way. This is why we should take a good care and clean this precious room regularly, to avoid any future health problems. But in order to do this properly, first we need to know which are the dirtiest items in the bathroom. After that we just need to make sure they are secured.  Continue reading “5 Of the Dirtiest Items in the Bathroom”

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7 Amazing Pools You Need To Jump in Before You Die 

A simple way to have your own piece of heaven at home is to have a swimming pool. These gardening features proliferated back in the 1950’s, mostly in regions with warm and summer climates. People now often build swimming pools to relax and entertain. Yet, to swim in a pool which ranks among the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen…is an unforgettable life experience. From the luxury pool in Mardan Palace, Turkey to a floating pool in Chile – these venues are perfect to make a big splash. So, these are the hands- down pools in the world: Continue reading “7 Amazing Pools You Need To Jump in Before You Die “

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The Perils of Not Having an Inventory

The inventory report is a very important part of every tenancy agreement. It’s also very useful to have one when you want to protect your property from the different outside and inside dangers, which might hurt it. More and more people decide to conduct such an inventory to protect their most valuable possessions. But some people still don’t believe in the efficiency of these reports, and decide not to conduct them. And this is where they make a huge mistake. The properly conducted inventory can be even lifesaving in some rare, but still possible cases. For those, who still feel reluctant to the idea, here are listed the perils of not having an inventory done. After you read this, you can think it over again, and maybe make the right decision for your property and for you.  Continue reading “The Perils of Not Having an Inventory”