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Bed Bug Hiding Spots

Bed bugs are curious little creatures. They are really small and they like to hide in small cracks, where it’s dark and cosy. We practically never see them wander around the property. But this is actually understandable, because they usually come outside in the hours right before dawn. The only thing we see from their activity during the night are the consequences. And these consequences include unpleasant red and itchy marks on our bodies. You see, bed bugs are feeding on blood, which makes us their primary target. They are really dangerous to us, and there are many complications, which can emerge from the bed bug bite. This is why we should make sure that there aren’t any little bugs in our homes and beds. But in order to do that, first we must find out the bed bug hiding spots. After that we can get to the extermination.  Continue reading “Bed Bug Hiding Spots”

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Why Property Inventory is Essential?

A few days ago I found this very interesting infographic in a blog about home improvement. It really stunned me how well was everything presented and how interesting and informational it was. The infographic is called “Why Property Inventory is Essential?” and it contains a few very convincing statistics, which show why having an inventory is so important. This infographic answers to some very important and significant questions, like why people choose to have an inventory done, which are the most common reasons for having an inventory and which are the biggest fears, which lead people to doing an inventory. In the end of this very well made infographic there are explained the greatest benefits from having an inventory. I find this information very useful and important. I think everyone should know the risks from not protecting their property. Every responsible landlord and home owner should have such a document, which tells him or her everything there is to know about the condition of the property.  Continue reading “Why Property Inventory is Essential?”

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How to Prepare Your Property for Rental

Being a landlord is probably the most complicated and complex profession in the world. Every landlord has to deal regularly with many problems and repairs, with unhappy tenants, with different companies and institutions and God knows what else. Being a landlord can be really stressful sometimes, and this job is not for everybody, especially if you’re a nervous kind of person. The most important and even essential part of the landlord’s job is to take a good care of the property and find good and responsible tenants, who would occupy it. This is not even close to easy, because all of it requires many different sets of skills, and not many people posses them. You’ll need to be a good handyman and a great people person, which is a very peculiar combination. I can easily tell you how to prepare your property for rental, but the communication skills are all up to you. So, here’s my part of the deal.  Continue reading “How to Prepare Your Property for Rental”

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Interesting Facts About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are really interesting creatures. They are very small and they can easily hide in even the smallest crack in the property. Even one bed bug is enough to start a giant colony. They breed very fast, which is why they are so dangerous to people. The biggest problem is that it can take a lot of time for a person to even realise that he has bed bugs in his home at all. And when people usually find out, it’s already too late and the measures that need to be taken are already radical. This is why people should be very careful at all times. It’s also good to learn as much as possible about these creatures, in order to get to know them better. Let’s check these interesting facts about bed bugs, which can be really useful for everyone. Continue reading “Interesting Facts About Bed Bugs”