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A Few Ways to Make Your House a Home

Everyone needs a place to go back to in the end of the day. Unfortunately, not everyone can call this place a home. Sometimes people are too busy with their work and social life, and they don’t have enough time to pay attention to the place they live in. And when they finally get the opportunity to spend some time at home, they just don’t feel right there. Happily, there are a few simple ways to make your house a home.

Spend some time in it. The easiest way to feel more at home when you’re… well, at home, is to spend some time there. Sure, everyone is busy and works, but you could at least try to have dinner in your own dining room once or twice a week. This will make you feel like you have a place in the world you can call your own.


Use it. If you usually only sleep and take a shower at your home, try to do something else there. You can watch TV, read books, cook, do the laundry, stare out of the window. Do everything that a normal person, who likes to stay at home, does.

Keep some food in the fridge. Nothing says “home” more than a fridge full of food. This way you’ll know that when you’re hungry, your home has food in it. This knowledge will subconsciously make you go back there every evening.

Bring something green inside. You could try bringing a few plants inside the house. They will bring some life and you’ll know that you have something to come back to (plants need watering). If the plants are too small of a reason for you, you can get a pet. It doesn’t have to be something big, like a dog or a cat, but you could get some fish in a tank.


Put some of your style in it. If you don’t feel quite at home in your house, you could try redecorating or refurnishing it according to your style. This will not only help you feel like this is your place but will also make you spend more time inside it.

Take care of it. If there are cracks in the walls or the floors, or scrapped paint or wallpapers, you can try fixing them. This will make the place look a lot better. This will keep you busy in your home. After you repair everything, you could clean it. Studies show that many people feel more at home after they have cleaned it thoroughly.

Throw a party. Nothing says more “I’m at home” than throwing a party!

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4 Natural Ingredients for Perfect Window Cleaning

Cleaning windows is something I used to forget I was supposed to do quite often. But lately I learned the hard lesson, that dried mud and dust is almost impossible to remove from the glass, and from then I started paying more attention to these parts of my home. Also, while I was trying to scrub out all the dirt from the window surface, I realised that the regular cleaning solutions I buy from the store are not so efficient as they say. To compare, I cleaned one window with only white vinegar, and the results were much better than the ones I got using a regular glass cleaner. From this point, I decided to only use natural ingredients, in order to achieve perfect window cleaning results. Here are the ingredients I use. Continue reading “4 Natural Ingredients for Perfect Window Cleaning”

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Porcelain Tile Maintenance and Tips

Cleaning porcelain tiles can be quite tricky, because they are not like any other kind of tiles. Most porcelain tiles are glazed, which would mean that you can’t use any oil based cleaners, because then it will be worse than an ice skating tournament. In order to clean your porcelain tiles perfectly without damaging the gentle surface, you will need to be very careful and follow some important rules. Don’t worry, it’s not so difficult. All you need are these porcelain tile maintenance tips and tricks. Here’s what you’ll have to do: Continue reading “Porcelain Tile Maintenance and Tips”

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5 Of the Dirtiest Items in the Bathroom

Many people love spending lots of time every day in the bathroom. I personally know I do. We love this place, because there we can take a bath, wash ourselves and prepare for the outside world without being bothered by anyone. It’s even a shrine of solitude for some people. The bathroom is definitely one of the most important rooms in the house and absolutely everyone should have one. But this doesn’t mean this room doesn’t hide any dangers for us. Such dangers are the germs, of course. We don’t see them, but they are definitely there, waiting to harm us in some awful way. This is why we should take a good care and clean this precious room regularly, to avoid any future health problems. But in order to do this properly, first we need to know which are the dirtiest items in the bathroom. After that we just need to make sure they are secured.  Continue reading “5 Of the Dirtiest Items in the Bathroom”

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The Perils of Not Having an Inventory

The inventory report is a very important part of every tenancy agreement. It’s also very useful to have one when you want to protect your property from the different outside and inside dangers, which might hurt it. More and more people decide to conduct such an inventory to protect their most valuable possessions. But some people still don’t believe in the efficiency of these reports, and decide not to conduct them. And this is where they make a huge mistake. The properly conducted inventory can be even lifesaving in some rare, but still possible cases. For those, who still feel reluctant to the idea, here are listed the perils of not having an inventory done. After you read this, you can think it over again, and maybe make the right decision for your property and for you.  Continue reading “The Perils of Not Having an Inventory”

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Bed Bug Hiding Spots

Bed bugs are curious little creatures. They are really small and they like to hide in small cracks, where it’s dark and cosy. We practically never see them wander around the property. But this is actually understandable, because they usually come outside in the hours right before dawn. The only thing we see from their activity during the night are the consequences. And these consequences include unpleasant red and itchy marks on our bodies. You see, bed bugs are feeding on blood, which makes us their primary target. They are really dangerous to us, and there are many complications, which can emerge from the bed bug bite. This is why we should make sure that there aren’t any little bugs in our homes and beds. But in order to do that, first we must find out the bed bug hiding spots. After that we can get to the extermination.  Continue reading “Bed Bug Hiding Spots”

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How to Prepare Your Property for Rental

Being a landlord is probably the most complicated and complex profession in the world. Every landlord has to deal regularly with many problems and repairs, with unhappy tenants, with different companies and institutions and God knows what else. Being a landlord can be really stressful sometimes, and this job is not for everybody, especially if you’re a nervous kind of person. The most important and even essential part of the landlord’s job is to take a good care of the property and find good and responsible tenants, who would occupy it. This is not even close to easy, because all of it requires many different sets of skills, and not many people posses them. You’ll need to be a good handyman and a great people person, which is a very peculiar combination. I can easily tell you how to prepare your property for rental, but the communication skills are all up to you. So, here’s my part of the deal.  Continue reading “How to Prepare Your Property for Rental”